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    Originally Posted by FrozenInfernoZX View Post
    Yeah, the 45/40 thing was just a little experiment for Eevee in the early moment of the game. I made each of its stats 55 now. As for the elemental moves, I think they're good, I don't want the Pokémon that do get STAB from them to get away with murder, lol. Instead, I boosted Tri Attack's power to more than 95 since it is three elements combined. It is also the last TM (and hardest to get) and one of Eevee's main moves in its learn set combining that if you get one with Serene Grace, hehehe. On second thought, I am going to rename Tri-Attack's attack into Tri Beam.

    Here are some photos of recent activities:
    Implementing swarms! Thanks to JPAN's Hacked Engine!

    And here is my remade/expanded Silverdust Town:
    This is where the story of the game will start to pick up.
    Nighttime Gym Leader event involving Forslorn Forest!
    Rock Smash will become very important here...


    Here is my new color scheme:

    And there will be tons of time based activities!

    Cool add-ons with the swarm effects with Jpan's Engine. Also wanted to remind you to reposition the sprite properly with Wichu's Sprite Position Editor and it won't look like it's floating anymore... xD
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