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    Originally Posted by kensarcher View Post
    im playing 2.03.. but my character/pokemon location was bug when you look it on pokenav/pokedex(area)

    i dont like pichu now :D i choose tynamo much better than ever.. i accidentally enountered after my repel worn off :D

    by the way is there any other region in this game, which those 2 lovers belong?
    or it ends after the league?..

    currently collecting my last badge for now :D
    There's not any other regions avaliable in this hack,but that doesn't means this hack ends after the league,you just finished 60% of this hack.after that,you can go to Western TYRON and Central Area,collect 6 emblems and challenge the Challenge Bridge,and there's some more events in western TYRON.And you'll not be able to meet Luke and Eva after you met them in Halfleaf City,but they'll be mentioned to have been to western TYRON,because the next hack I'm working on will be about them,so they'll not be seen again in this hack.
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