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    Name: Ziden Grimm Xilis

    Age: 16

    Sex: Male

    Appearnce: Ziden has dark blond hair, wears mostly black Colors, Tight Pants, Band Shirts, And Regular Black Shoes. Has multiple Chains on body, Has Piercings (Bridge, and Lip). Has pointy ears, and nose. Has Blue Mako Colored eyes, and Lips are faded red.

    Dorm: Suicune

    Personality: Ziden is very shy, but a total pervert after you get to know him, he can make friends easily. He cherishes his PKMN Like royalty. He also despise People who treat their PKMN poorly. He has low self esteem and very insecure. He can lure any girl in any situation with a snap of a finger, though he dose'nt understand why. He is bright Cheerful, and Just happy. But Gets worried very easy about Small things, he Loves Music.

    History:Ziden was born in Slateport, Hoenn region, When Ziden was 5 His dad gave him a Gengar, before he left the family, and he always blamed himself. Always got in trouble at school. When he turned 11 His mom passed away, leaving him alone with just his PKMN, for 6months they grew to love eachother like brothers, He then went to live with his grandma and younger brother. He fell in love with a girl named Taylor Peloquin, she broke his heart and left him, leaving yet another person to Throw him away. He Felt alone then his Grandm enrolled him to here.

    PKMN: Gengar/Nickname: Darcloue/Male/Lvl.20/item held: Sitrus berry./Moves: Bite/Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse/Scratch.
    Personality: Loves food, quiet, But makes you know its apperence. Good listening.