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    Luxanna's Log #4 & a ½

    Route 30, bathed in a luscious green color of vegetation, was more than just a simple pixel green forest on a game boy - at least to the first person viewed eye. Luxanna had a blast travelling through here; from the river on the side, to the cute Caterpies and Weedles that lived near the trees. She traveled eats past a couple of trees and vines, until she was upon a small cottage. There was only one man who was sure to be there.

    "No, my name is not Mr. Tortellini, it's Mr. Pokémon," the man known as Mr. Pokémon addressed to Lux, upon her meeting the strange man. "I fail to see how the two are related."

    "Huh, it's the same to me..." Lux said while shrugging. "But Mr. Pokémon, if that's really your last name, does that mean you're related to a pokémon?"

    "Not quite," replied Mr. Pokémon. "I suppose that's more of a nickname than anything. You see, people often refer me to that because I often find extraordinary pokémon related findings and report them to my acquaintance. Surely you've heard about Professor Elm, correct?"

    "Oh yeah, sure I know the guy," said Lux. "He suggested that I should eat 11 apple pies as apposed to 10 or 12, but... I dunno, 11 being a weird number n' all."

    "I see," said Mr. Pokémon with a nod. "I respect him dearly you know; he's still quite the genius. Along side him and my friend, Professor Oak, well, I dear say we are quite the trio. Now then, what has brought you to see me today? You are a trainer, yes?"

    "Yeah, the wrinkly ol' mayor sent me to see ya," replied Lux. "Said you had some sort of... egg?"

    "Wrinkly old mayor..." Mr. Pokémon tried to comprehend. "I assume you're referring to the mayor of Cherrygrove. Hm, she's supposedly not too happy with me right now from this whole mess; but I do have great reason. Which I'm not at liberty to uh, say at the moment, hence why I needed an escort. And so, thank you for coming to help today! Now, about that egg..."

    "Herr Pokémon!" interrupted by a voice, knocking on the cottage door. The front door then swung open, revealing a girl who seemed to be around the same age as Luxanna. The most notable thing about her was the clean white laboratory-esque coat she was wearing. "Herr Pokémon, I deeply apologize with the intrusion," the girl apologized as she then made a curtsy. "My name is Katharina von Kurnase, and I am not only a pokémon trainer, but a proud subject of the science of life."

    "I see," said Mr. Pokémon. "Very nice to meet you, Katharina. What brings you here today?"

    "Herr Pokémon, I have heard delightful rumors that you have a pokémon egg on your personage," explained Katharina. "As a follower of science, I would definitely like to know more about it, yes?"

    "Yes, the young lady next to you asked about it as well," said Mr. Pokémon. "It's in the back; just wait here, okay?" He then went off past the back room, leaving Luxanna and the sciencey Katharina behind.

    "Ah, you're here for it too, eh, Kathy?" asked Lux. "So am I!"

    "I see, but if I may ask, who are you, Fräulein?" asked Katharina. "And... why have you just called me 'Kathy' when we have just met only a mere moment ago?"

    "I'm Luxanna!" introduced Lux. "And hm, you don't like 'Kathy', huh? How about... Kitty Kat? Or, 'Have break! I want a piece of that Kit Kat bar!' Katharina is just a little long, ya know?"

    "I suppose 'Kathy' will have to do then," sighed the unimpressed Katharina. "Although it is rather... 'uncool' as Americans have called it."

    "Ah, here it is!" called out Mr. Pokémon, as he returned from the back room. He did indeed brought the pokémon egg in question in a glass case for protection. "I've discovered this pokémon egg a long time ago; it's quite the marvel indeed."

    "I concur!!" burst out Kathy, as she moved in closer to inspect the egg. "Ah, yes... yes, yes, YES! THE COLOR! THE SHAPE! THE TEXTURE! THE SMELL! THE THOUGHT OF AN ATOMIC CARAMEL TASTE! Herr Pokémon, this is quite the discovery indeed!!"

    "I never knew it was that exciting!" smiled Luxanna. "It does look pretty cool!"

    "ONLY PRETTY COOL?!" snapped the furious Katharina. "THIS EGG IS A MARVEL OF SCIENCE!! Just as the great ones who discovered that salt is solvable to water, like a gem, this egg must be polished and treated like the fictionous divinity!!"

    "Well, I'm glad you're enjoying it!" said Lux with her trademark smile. "Heeeey Mr. Pokémon, I'm sure that big ol' egg is taking too much space in here; mind if I take it off your hands now?"

    "Yes, yes," agreed Mr. Pokémon, handing the glass-case protected egg to Lux. "But please do take care of it! The mayor will have my head if this is damaged... not to mention I might cry like a sad Whismur."

    "Okie Dokie, Arrochockie!"

    Finally outside from Mr. Pokémon's cottage and back on Route 30, Lux was holding the glass-cased egg over hear head. It was her style of holding semi-heavy things. Kathy stopped and looked upon Lux.

    "Fräulein... Luxanna, was it not?" Kathy tried to remember. "You are a fellow pokémon trainer, yes? But you certainly did not strike me as a NPC... that must mean you are a fellow player."

    "Yup!" Lux answered. "Started this game a little under a week ago! I got a Growlithe, and a Pidgey! I wanted my username to be 'Rainbow Monkeys are EVIL' but... I ran outta room, so I had ta' go with Luxanna."

    "I see," said Kathy. "You.. are quite an interesting young lady you know. So full of ambition and promise... so please, be careful in this world, yeah? A lot of players have indeed met their end here, and I do fret that you might be next."

    "Dooooon't worry!" said Lux. "As long as my pokémon are with me, no way I'd lose! It's sorta fate, you know?"

    "There's no such thing as 'fate' Fräulein," explained Kathy. "I'm sure someone as smart as you can understand that. In any case, you are heading back to Cherrygrove, yes? I'm heading towards Violet City. With the aid of science, I am sure to get my first badge there."

    "Gooood luck!" Lux wished. "I heard that the gym leader there is a real toughie to battle against! I'll head there next! Maybe we'll meet again?"

    "Perhaps," Kathy said. "After all, all science has a hypothesis, and ends with sightful conclusions. I think our encounters will reflect that." With that, Kathy put on her pink science googles, and walked doff towards the west. Lux thought she was like Wu Kong, but... that's silly.


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