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Originally Posted by Saltsas View Post
Yes actually, isn't the main goal of hacking to create a Pokemon game.Either similar to the already existing games from Gamefreak ,or otherwise you own style.I agree that LP in some point got really boring because of the continious similar battles of Team Steam but there are also other things people should notice.Except from the fact that Wesley managed to place if not every,most of the legendaries in this game and 2 regions.The graphic appeal, the custom sprites, all pokemon from next generations and the Pokemon Championship itself at the end of the game,I believe that LP outweighs most of hacks.This is my opinion and any criticism is welcomed, as long as it isn't an arguement.
Wait so all I have to do is have fancy tiles and a tournament in my hack and it is instantly the best hack ever!? Wow, I wish I hadn't put so much time into thinking of a good storyline and interesting new features, all I need is a tournament!