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    Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
    Hey LaZ where is the Form yiou mentioned? Sorry for my lack of concentration!!!:D
    I am guessing you mean for the trainer request? Go to page 134. On his post there is a bug reports parts. Using one of those methods send him the trainer request.

    Also Alienhunter. Since you post here quite often could you please provide your input on the ending to Team Saturns arc please? In the past few pages I asked if Laz was considering changing the ending to Team Saturns arc due to it being silly, out of character, and making the final confrontation rather lackluster. He said he agrees it was silly and said it was confusing but would only change it if enough people thought so as well. Jambo, myself and a couple others would like to see the change he has in mind. However due to this being a major thread a lot of people are (understandably) ignoring the conversation and asking for help, complimenting Laz on this amazing mod, etc. Thus the conversation gets buried under those posts. If it didn't I would not be posting this little bit here.

    But since you post here quite often, I think your input would be greatly valued. Same goes for everyone else. We are not talking about him changing anything throughout the story, just the ending dialogue between team Saturn's leader, Silver and Axel. If you agree with us and wish for it to be edited or disagree with us and want it to stay please say so!

    Sorry for having to bring this up again Laz. Just don't want it to be forgotten and buried under other posts since it is something that can effect a part of the story.
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