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Originally Posted by KarosNB View Post
Nah, just let it sit in the box, like ThatIceman said, it was weak.
@ThatIceMan and KarosNB: Wow, you don't like Pokemon. :p Your just like Silver (game) from HG,SS,S,G,C you only want to win and that's all. So, It's weak, for you, but he was the reason I had the 6th badge (Sabrina). Sabrina completely KO'ed my team when I was in the middle of Yellow, Venusaur,Charizard,Watortle and guess who KO'ed her? Pikachu, so no, I didn't release or put him in PC. You can put him in PC, but calling him weak? (Magikarp may be weak at first, but when he evolves, you'll regret what you said.)

@EVERYONE (Not everyone but some): Haha, guys. That's a game, so It's basically Red not Ash . But something interesting in Yellow is that you CAN be Ash, catch his Pokemons and all. Something good in Yellow too is that they put Jesse and James.

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