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Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
I beleive most ghost types would have a similar air about them dont you think? Whether its cold and quiet, or still and serious, most ghosts just have that general affect, do they not? Excluding the ghosts that seems to be malicious or mischievous such as Gengar, Sableye and, rotom(of which all full under that specific behavoir).
I'd disagree completely :3 I think Ghost types are really just as diverse with their personalities as any other type of Pokémon. Sure there's a couple like Duskull & Drifloon that'd probably be all cold and quiet and as you said yourself there's several mischievous Ghost types like Gengar and Rotom, but I reckon the majority of Ghost types would have very different personalities. Golett strikes me as a really jolly and friendly Pokémon that'd plod around interacting with anything it saw, Cofigrigus seems to be a really aggressive and protective Pokémon, Giratina seems like the powerful overlord-y type, Frosslass seems like the type to wander around aimlessly for days just exploring the land, Frillish seems like the type to help out anything that passes with a really cheerful manner, etc etc, basically I just think they're really diverse was the whole point. xD I might be wrong though!

I'd like to level Rotom c: