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^A very weird thing to read the first time stopping by here.

Now that I got some context, though, I'll add to that. Aren't Pokemon like Magnemite and Porygon artificial anyway? Voltorb, I'm not sure about that line. Still, it doesn't seem like it'd be a stretch to include similar ideas to that. I dunno, it's not like I've seen much of the new Pokemon anyway (though I distinctly remember a freaky gear looking thing. Might one of you be referring to that?).

A dice Pokemon would probably look better if it wasn't as verbatim as it sounds. It's basically a rounded edged white cube with non symmetrical dalmatian like spots on all but one side, but the "two" side would be the eyes. Or the "one" side if it's a one eyed creature. I dunno, sounds kind of cute, like an inspiration straight from Tokidoki or something. In fact, that's the only thing I'd be worried about, people claiming that Pokemon's gonna just start adding faces to everything like it's part of a fad.

When it evolves, it should become a 20 sided polygonal die or something really unnerving, like Claydol.

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