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If the way James described Gloom was any indication... and yet, at least I know that can be turned off. I'd rather go with what I'm familiar with, even if I understand the ramifications. So Gloom anyway.

Actually, that's a good idea.

'swhat I get for spending to much time on this. Muk, easily. :P

Would you Rather: Be stuck for life or at least a long time, say like a roomate situation, with a Pokemon you're familiar with and are knowledgable about, or with a Pokemon you've never even seen or heard of until you signed the lease and walked into the room.

Here's the catch. Even if you knew ahead of time which Poke you were rooming with, and even if it was your favorite in theory, you're taking a chance that it could shatter your opinion of them if it's annoying or a slob or just really deceitful or rude, etc. You willing to lose that kind of respect?

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