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    Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
    Wonder what the theme would be for the mascots and evil team. Gen 1 had starters, Gen II had Sun and Moon, with both gens having Mafia style villains. Gen III Land, Sea, and Sky theme with eco terrorist thugs and pirates of sorts as villains. Gen IV had Time-Space Antimatter and a space suit wearing cult as villains. Gen V had Yin-Yang with Knights and ecoterrorist Pirates (hmm where have I seen this one?) as villains. Gen VI? Maybe a cloak wearing cult who worship the opposite mascot and seek to rule the world. Theme? Hindu mythology depicting the three forms of Vishnu: Destruction, Creation, and Balance (though those things show up in Cyrus' plot but than again Hoenn's mascots sort of had a Yin- Yang- Wuji theme too with the land and Sea of Hoenn forming a Yin Yang symbol and the Kanji for Sora aka sky is the same for Emptiness iirc in other words the absence of).

    How about legends based on Greek Mythology with a pair of evil teams based on Human/Pokemon superiority and prejudice against one another and wish to enslave each other?