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1. When writing a fiction how do you decide gender? Is it ever symbolic, is it random, or is it whatever yours is?
Generally a character will just pop into my head and already have a gender. My main OC in my currently writing is heavily based on myself, thus she's female. However, in my last series my main OC was male, as was a majority of the cast.

2. What about side characters? Is there always a certain amount of characters of a certain gender or do you also make this random?
Most of the time it's random, but other times not. Sometimes if I want to add tension, relationships, etc - gender will play heavily into that. Given the plot of my story and gender roles I grew up learning IRL, I'm thinking a majority of my cast will be male once again.

3. Finally my question: How would one go about keeping gender anonymous? I don't want to tell the exact gender of the main character.
IMHP, I hate it when people leave out huge facts about main OCs. I think you could do a cross dresser, but completely leaving out gender would personally not work for me, I generally reflect genders on characters when they're introduced, so I'd just apply a gender to them and keep going.
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