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    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    Speaking of today's patch... This is a big one, containing 30k more changes than the last one...
    The Proper DN System and Fixed Saves Patch!
    Yes, you read correctly. A proper DN system that has decent palettes and... light-up windows!

    (I'll update the first post later)
    Not just this, but CrystalDust also saves on real hardware now!! Sadly, this means that your old save files won't work at all... However, save states should continue to work.
    These features and a lot of other things are in today's patch! Download it now!
    I see that my patience has been rewarded. Diego, you are the man! I wish you the best and a happy New Years!
    EDIT: Found this using the latest patch. I was at the bug catching contest.
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