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    ... Well then.

    Since I've gotten the newdex list about where I want it, I'm going to start asking for feedback on some individual species. I won't be able to upload new designs for a while due to not having access to a scanner, but I can still work on movesets, stats and general concepts, so I'd mostly like feedback on those, especially as I have basically no idea what I'm doing when it comes to the first ones. So... I guess I'll start with the starters.

    Instead of the usual starter types, they're a fighting-psychic-dark trio. Yeah, I know, not the most original change ever, but I actually think that trio works conceptually- it evokes the warrior-mage-thief trio that a lot of RPGs use. I kept that in mind when creating these three lines. Additionally, they each "reference" one of the original three starter types, and have access to moves of that type.

    Punchator, the fighting type, is a proud-warrior-race sort of species. It's meant to be physical- and offensive-leaning in terms of stats and moves.

    Kyubi, the dark type, is based on the trickster archetype sort of kitsune. It's meant to be able to use physical and special attacks equally well, while excelling in speed and status-use.

    And Molic, the psychic type, is, well, the mage, with its psychic powers compensating for its mole-y poor eyesight. Meant to be specially-leaning and bulky.

    The level-up lists were created a while ago and I think they kind of suck, so please tell me how I could improve them.

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