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    What region would you meet them in? Johto
    What town would you be from? Cherrygrove City
    How would you meet them? In Cianwood City, where I travelled to train with Chuck. When Ash beats him for the badge, I'm very impressed and end up going with him on the adventure.
    What would your main goal be? To be as successful as possible with my pokémon in whatever I do, gym battles, contests etc and to above all gain knowledge the way researchers would, about the pokémon world and my favourite legendaries.
    What would be your preferred Pokémon type? Fire, but I'd have a variety.
    What would be your main Pokémon (the one that walks around with you)? Vulpix.
    Would you let your main Pokémon evolve, and if so, to what extent? Absolutely, I want me a Ninetales haha!
    What would your gender be? Female.
    What would your name be? Alura (it's my real-life nickname).
    What family members would you have? I grew up with my granny, who taught me everything she knew about pokémon and family values.
    What would you look like? Long blonde hair always in a ponytail, emerald green eyes, ripped jeans, long black boots, black fingerless gloves, an emerald choker necklace, an emerald helix piercing, and a black halter neck top.
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