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I know that they work hard on those hacks i just dont like some things in lc so i just posted my opinion about it
Btw lol most of the bugs are fixed in new bark town in the new build xD

Anyway about this hacks update... holy... just wow i didnt see that coming :D
But still i cant really stay here even if i want lol i wish i could do many things at once but i cant so i have to leave... and it really sucks but hey thats how life works :D
I know that i did more work than some members here but still id rather see the pc members who helped with testing as a whole because tbh i didnt do anything hard and it did not take that much time lol its just minor help
Still its up to u if u want to change this im ok with my nickname staying on the credits after im gne.
Well bye this is really the last time im here i had a nice time here pc members are very helpful and friendly keep up the good work guys & girls
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