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Nevermind. We need a Gerudo. I'll get on that.

Here's the ALPHA SU

Name: Narcine
Nickname: (Possible Nicknames)
Race: Gerudo
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Career: She's a thief
Appearance: She looks like the average Gerudo.

Personality: Narcine is a sarcastic, witty person. She never hesitates to make a joke when one is do, no matter how grave the situation. When she's around men, she'll flirt to no end, although she has no actual interest in them. When she is around girls, she is very condesending. She talks down to them like they don't deserve to be in her presence. She's good at it too. Once she made a royal ambassador from the Royal Family cry with a series of insults involving his mother, a cat, and a Goron. He never returned. She's good at her job. Very good at it. She's quiet as a mouse on her feet, and she's as nimble as a Sheik.

History: (What has your character been doing before the RP started? What events of importance took place? Please note that the fight where the Hero of Time fell was ten years previous. If he/she wasn't there, they weren't there. This section must explain enough to give your character background.)

Other: (If you have any other important details to add, do so here.)

Password: Green Rupee