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    Shawn Richards Charmander's new glory.

    After several hours of trying to hunt someone down in the academy with no success he thought he'd look else where. The question was where exactly is elsewhere? Shawn remembered seeing a map booth somewhere in the cluster of buildings.

    Ah ha! Here it is! He thought.

    Looking at the map and looking at the varying Pokemon around his best bet was to travel about a mile south east and end up in the Icy Plains. It'd be a lot safer seeing as his Pokemon was a fire type. He headed across the plains for about thirty minutes and finally saw the Icy Plains. The name descibed the place perfectly it was a plain that was frozen over from the ice making it near impossible to travel without falling at least once.

    The area was huge with not a Pokemon in sight yet. A very strong howl wind washed over Shawn freezing him where he stood. He couldn't move his arms legs or anything. Suddenly a Pokemon in the shape of some hexagon, circle combination appeared out of the blue. The Pokemon inhaled so deeply it felt like his soul itself was coming out of his body. A sudden searing pain on his left hip made him want to scream but he couldn't then he realized he could move his left arm, and then his left leg. Eventually he was freed from the accursed frozen state he was in and also realized his Charmander was facing off with this Pokemon. The little red Pokemon fought its hardest fought more desperately then even to fend off the police.

    Wait a minute its an Ice Pokemon! He thought.

    “Charmander use Ember!”

    Charmander inhaled deeply and not a second had past before little flames the size of baseballs struck the Pokemon down leaving burning holes in the Pokemon's body. The blood of the Pokemon shed in the form of water and with that the rogue Pokemon had done its last unkind deeds and went off to where ever Pokemon go when they die.

    Shawn sighed and said “thanks Char-.” Shawn stopped mid sentence to see his Charmander had grown into something entirely different. He had evolved into Charmeleon!

    “Oh my god.” were Shawn's words to his newly evolved partner. So the travels of Shawn have started and his first priority is to find a person to help him train to be the very best.
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