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Kayla and Holly

Kayla looked at Lucas and smiled. "I'm from Floraroma Town, and Holly's from Striaton City!" she said happily. She patted Holly on the head. Holly nodded and looked away shyly. Kayla giggled. "We're actually cousins, you know! Holly's the older one, even though she looks like a little kid," she added. Holly frowned and blushed furiously. Molly rolled her eyes.

Jasmine smiled and looked at Aipom. "I accept your challenge, monkey! Maybe after this, I'll evolve!" Yuri sighed. She looked down at her Everstone and frowned. "Why do you want to evolve so much, Jasmine? I personally like staying a Lillipup." Jasmine rolled her eyes. "Whatever," she said. Primrose looked at her curiously.
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