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    [I try...]

    Kotowa Yamada - 'Them'

    Koto was running. They were close. He could tell. He needed to escape. He stumbled out of the forest, and his eyes widened. They were there, right in front of him. He took a step back, but they were behind him too. His heart was filling with fear quite quickly. Oh no. What to do now... He couldn't fight against three of them... He couldn't run... All he could do was hope that they didn't see him. Although, they didn't look anywhere near as old as them. They had to be! There was no explanation! They were Spirit-People! Koto yelped when the girl's stomach suddenly bulged outward, and he quickly covered his mouth, sliding deeper into the brush. They'd discover him now... Then they'd surely kill him...

    "What the **** are you scared of? You've been able to beat them so far! Get up and fight, Koto!" Kasai yelled. He began making much more feral noises, apparently meant as a battle-cry, or perhaps to draw attention to poor Koto. Koto didn't want to die. He wanted to live. And he'd fight for that as hard as possible. Koto stood and walked out of the brush. He faced the three in front of him. The fear was gone, now replaced by rage.

    "Stop trying to kill me!" he yelled, rage practically dripping from every word that came from his mouth, which began to crackle with high voltage electricity. He bared his teeth, ready for a fight.

    "Come... Come to your doom..." he said softer. Only one with amazing hearing would be able to understand it, but the disturbing sound of his voice would tell its meaning to all within hearing.



    Aria laughed. That was Spark. Ready to bring humor to any grim situation. She put the berry into her mouth, and stood up.

    "I think I'll go check on the boys. Take your time getting up." Aria said. She then headed outside. Makoto and James were talking, almost as if they were friends.

    Well, it sure seems like Makoto from what I've seen of him... she thought. Ugh. Hopefully it would all be over soon. Just find somewhere to stop and rest for a while. None of the insanity of this world. Somewhere safe.
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