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I Generation
The first pokémon that touched my litte childish mind, was Cubone, both for aspect but even for it's kinda sad background it has. My second choice is Snorlax, i love that pokémon, if i was a trainer he had to be my buddy, spending all day sleeping on his stomach and eating without care, he would be the perfect pal for short. The third is actually a Psyduck, don't know the reason, probably because i sort of always liked ducks, and when i started the mystery dungeon it came out him, and i started seeing him a nice pokémon (Golduck to is quite cool).

II Generation
For the second i can't quite say, there are many good choices. Heracross can be one of the best options, for the fact that i like bugs and it had an awesome look. Probably i liked the most Magby and Elekid, kind of cute and cool at the same time, and evolve in two majestic pokémon that i liked a lot in the first games.
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