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    Just a small update to start out the challenge.

    I began my challenge by taking a Cyndaquil simply because it was the first Pokemon on the shelf and used it to defeat my rival in our first meeting. However, right after that, I came across a level 3 Scizor! How convenient.

    I caught the Scizor and picked up a Rattata and a Bellsprout while making my way to see Falkner.

    His birds were no match for Scizor and Rattata and they went down easily. I then continued on my way and added a new Wooper to my team and that's where I am as of now!

    Here's the current team:
    Rattata Lv. 15
    Scizor Lv. 16
    Wooper Lv. 15
    Bellsprout Lv. 15
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