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Despite having played one of the most well-known characters in an incredibly popular sitcom running for a whole 9 seasons, I think John McGinley is one of the most underrated actors of our time. McGinley is one of those actors that as soon as you see him in a film/series you can tell that his character is instantly going to be very well played, and yet when the topic of "best actor" comes up his name is very rarely seen. In my opinion he's one of the best actors on our screens as he can play a huge range of different personalities within his characters, all of which manage to be incredibly convincing, and everything I've seen him in has been very entertaining. I wouldn't say he's not well-known, but when it comes to underrated actors he's definitely the first to cross my mind. I think it's mainly just because he's become labelled as Doctor Cox so when he's in other media it's hard to stop picturing him with the lab coat, but personally I think he's an amazing actor.
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