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    Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
    Well you've hardly given any information. All I can say is make sure your save type is 128k, and make sure you're patching to a FireRed ROM.

    Thank you.

    mehhhh forget about that glitch!!!!

    Thank you.

    No, it's not. I guess I'll release an Alpha 1.1 to address minor issues once I get more feedback.

    Actually that won't be possible because for Beta 1, I've already made changes that will render save files from the Alpha incompatible (in the alpha, I did a really cheap solution to the trainer battle music glitch, and thus it became separate from my main file. In my main file, I've done a more stable fix that involves variables, hence why save files won't be compatible). The only reason why I included the "special prize" at the end is so people can see some of the Gen IV/Gen V/custom moves I've inserted by leveling up the Pokemon.

    And I'm putting effort to make sure the difficulty is balanced, I would be very disappointed if people cheat in some Rare Candies and played through the game like that
    I wasn't gonna use them anyway.
    Would of started new game, there's most likely bound to be some form of change here or there.
    Also, my girlfriend played the hack too, she couldn't get enough of the Mother music and the emulators in Green's Room. x3

    She also asks, are you fan of the series? obviously you are.