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    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    Also, my girlfriend played the hack too, she couldn't get enough of the Mother music and the emulators in Green's Room. x3
    YESYESYESYESYES THANK GOD!!!!!!!!! I was worried that no one would recognize the Mother music quote I put into Red/Green's theme!

    She also asks, are you fan of the series? obviously you are.
    Yes, I am a huge fan of the Mother series, and I have played through all 3 games. When I was writing the story for DarkViolet, I was playing through Mother 2 (aka EarthBound), and finished the script by the time I was done with Mother 3, so those games rather not-so-happy atmosphere definitely had an influence on the new plot.

    Also, I aim for DarkViolet's difficulty to be on par with Mother 2 and Mother 3. Not Mother 1, since that's ridiculously hard (which is pretty common for a NES JRPG) XD. I realized when playing through the Mother series that the Pokemon games have such low difficulty, and that the Mother games proved that its possible to have a higher difficulty without having the game considered broken (although Mother 1 can be argued by many as broken XD)

    That's another reason why I don't want people cheating in future betas, because I'm putting effort into balancing the difficulty so that its harder than the average Pokemon game, but its not broken either.

    Don't worry, this game will be easier than Mother 1, but on-par with Mother 2 & 3, and B2/W2 Challenge Mode.