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Originally Posted by Rivvon View Post
To me, Diamond and Pearl weren't the strongest games in the franchise for a few reasons, the main two being:

1. After Ruby & Sapphire, whose version differences went outside of just which Pokemon appeared and extended into almost having a different plot for each, Diamond & Pearl essentially went back to the simple "you can catch A in Diamond and B in Pearl." Version differences are very unique to the Pokemon franchise and to see them not be utilized was a major let-down.

2. Team Galactic was certainly threatening; probably the most threatening team of all! And yet, despite getting so close to their goal of ripping apart the threads of space and time, they did not seem very dangerous. And I'm not just talking about their bowl cuts--I actually think they had those silly hairstyles on purpose! But plot-wise, their saga just seemed to fall flat.

So, what did Platinum do right to warrant its addition into the gen 4 family?

1. Since DP lacked significant version differences, merging them into one game was seamless and natural.

2. Looker. Is. Hilarious. He adds so much to the narrative with his silly mannerisms, and through him you get to sneak into Galactic's hideout and hear a speech from Cyrus--adding Looker added more opportunities to get under the skin of Galactic. To really let their evil ambitions sink in, and not just have it passively implied to you like in DP. Even InterPol is involved! They must be bad. I guess trying to destroy the universe is actually a serious matter this time around!

3. Giratina! Unlike DP, with the Galactic arc ending in a battle with Dialga or Palkia and...nothing more, Giratina and the Distortion World not only brings the battle against Galactic to a stunning dramatic close, but also gives us a far more horrifying end to Cyrus: he remains, unaging, in the Distortion World forever! A thrilling climax and fitting end to the story.

And as if that wasn't enough, the Gym Leaders' parties were switched around, along with some of the Elite Four, which spiced things up from your previous playthrough of DP. Some areas received not only graphical updates but complete redesigns. And the new Battle Frontier added a lot of post-game content.

So yes, I do think Platinum was a good game to add. I think it was a great game to add. Platinum improved upon DP in all the right ways, and had enough new content to not make it feel like a simple repeat of the previous games.
I agree with everything she said. Platinum was what we wanted cos of the expanded Pokedex, Battle Frontier, better graphic scenes and redesigns. They changed several Gym Leaders and Elite Four members teams, and also Cynthia's.

It became my fave 4th Gen game for these obvious reasons.

In fact, Platinum remedied all the problems Diamond and Pearl had.
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