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    Completed Sign Up Sheet:

    Name: Marilyn Elene Merlin
    Nickname: Strings
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Species: Vampire


    Appearance: Human Form (Link) & Vampire Form (Link)


    "Nice to meet you! I'm cliche, yeah. I have this baggage, but you can save me."

    Marilyn is the quintessential shrinking violet, who flourishes in her own environment, yet struggles when surrounded by voices that claw at her ears like gremlins. At her heart, she's creative, talented, and filled with joy, but she struggles to emote, which causes some mild resentment towards those who can express themselves to others without the aid of a painting or music. Anyone who bothers to learn about Vampires knows that she's different from what she presents to almost everyone else; which is her vampire form.

    "Pleasure to meet you. Prepare to bleed."

    Elene is confident and loud, with an attitude borne of Marilyn's minor resentment to flourish in the form of a superiority complex and naught but bravado. This mien of glory and talent allows her a following of other teenagers, who are more interested in the concept of Elene than the girl herself, but pushes away those who would want to get to know Marilyn. Combined with apathy where Marilyn has empathy, a wicked smirk where Marilyn has a tender smile, she forms a mirror image with qualities of who Marilyn wants to be, yet serves as a warning for what she never should be.


    History: Marilyn was born in Youkai, but had a few encounters with humans over her childhood. Less humans, and more their world, as she was brought to enjoy their luxuries that she'd rarely seen in Youkai before. The interest was something of a side-effect, as the artifacts from the human world were brought to her instead of taking them herself. There was an instance in her childhood, when she made the first step into human lands, involving a shrubbery, that swore her off of visiting them ever again and exacerbated her already shy ways.

    Sending Marilyn to the Academy was something of a decision based on approving of the concept, allowing her artistic merits to flourish, and an attempt to break the shell she surrounded herself with. It a sense. A side of her that had been brewing since the shrubbery incident came out in the form of her vampiric side, who sought to make herself known and to let "Marilyn" flourish amongst the other students without her parents being particularly wiser about their deal.

    It worked, for the most part, with Elene being the one of them who gained a following for their conjoined talent with the violin, paintings, singing, and general enjoyability to be around, while Marilyn would enjoy the aspects of class such as studying, reaping the benefits that the dorm gifted them with, and the approval of their parents. There were some negative aspects, such as Marilyn wanting to interact with Elene's friends, but they were pushed to the side in light of her sudden shyness in the face of these people.

    Water and Rosaries
    Other: Marilyn's violin bow doubles as a blade. As a general rule for the character, she's in human form (Marilyn) when in her personal quarters, and in vampire form (Elene) everywhere else.

    Hates shrubberies and shrubbers.
    Code: Orange Strawberry

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