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    Hei smirked slightly when Kid's sentence got cut off due to the sudden massaging that skirt-girl gave Kid. Kid seemed uncomfortable. When Kid questioned her about exhaustion, Hei rolled her eyes and opened another pouch of her bag, taking out a few berries.

    "Leppa berries," Hei stated with a smirk. "Now, can the class of two tell me what these berries do?"

    Oh, hey, she rhymed. How utterly fun.


    Cynthia nodded as Tyler mentioned about his friend from Orre. She knew that Orre was a very desolate place full of deserts and the like. The fact that an Eevee would be important to a person, especially since Eevees aren't commonly found in most place let alone in Orre, was slightly strange.

    "So, you were* the champion of Sinnoh, yes? What's the region like? I've always wanted to go there someday," asked Tyler.

    Cynthia smiled, nodding thoughtfully. "Sinnoh is a very large region. It can get cold at times, but the people are usually very welcoming and warm. There is a lot of mythology research in Sinnoh if you're interested in that like I am. We also have contests if you're not interested in battling. While I do enjoy spending time in Undella Town in Unova, I rather quite like Sinnoh. Where are you from?"

    *(OOC: Is Cynthia not the champion any more? o-o
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