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I've changed my mind. This is my alpha SU.

Name: Michael Edward Jackson
Nickname: MJ
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Specie: Crow Tengu


Personality: Michael Jackson is a very interesting person. He's a pervert whose perviness rivals that of Pervy Sage and Kakashi combined. He never hesitates to hit on girls or use his wind powers for...various purposes that aren't appropriate for even the internet. When he isn't perving out, he is usually dancing. He has become very good at it, and has perfected his "original" dance called the Moon Walk. He studies for school, but only for important tests. How he spends his free time is also too explicit for the internet. He tends to say things like "That's what she said"," finish sentences with "with your mother last night," or start them with "I used my wind to-" and so forth. He is actually intelligent when he isn't busy doing his own thing. He is too clever for his own good. Nothing ever seems to be non-sexual with him, although he can be serious enough during tragic events. He is a self-proclaimed master in bed, though he has yet to lose his innocence, no matter how much he insists he has. Being a major pervert, he can be creepy. Michael could be considered the stereotypical jock. He picks on "Nerds," he bullies students, and he hits on all the hot girls, along side being athletic. The only warm spot in his heart belongs to children. He can't stand it when others pick on them.

History: Michael was born in Tokyo, Japan. His parents were British, so he was a Brit in a foreign land. His parents raised him with the Japanese culture, so he really didn't like the western culture. He noticed his wings when he was eight, but his parents dismissed them as a costume that he had to wear in order to play a game. He grew up lonely for the first few years, but by age twelve, he was the most popular kid in his elementary school. He never even knew he was a Crow Tengu until his parents told him when he was fourteen. It came as a shock, for his wings hadn't appeared. They finally convinced him by unfolding their wings from beneath their clothes. He ran away for a few weeks, but he eventually came back because he knew that they were right. He noticed his wings were real for the first time. His parents informed of the Youkai academy and sent him there when he was fourteen. He is now a junior there.

Weakness: One could say that Michael Edward Jackson is a pervert. This would be an understatement. He is more perverted than the average Crow Tengu. He has come up with creative ways to use his wind control. Very creative ways. Anyways, he's claustrophobic too. He has an insane fear of Santa Claus.

Other: Didn't draw the pic. I suck at drawing.

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