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    Wyatt "Wyvern" Leon Bellerose
    Wyatt laughed to himself when he saw the Starly jerk it's head in what he could only assume was a nod of approval. It was amazing how Jay's Starly could comprehend and communicate back with such ease. The Bird landed on his shoulder, perched and looking comfortable if anything. He looked out towards the ocean before calling Neptune to follow more closely and he went into the direction Nalafari was signaling him to go. The Tide rose a little and the sun seemed to brighten Wyatt's mood. Hopefully Jay would be happier when Wyatt got into the cove, which was where he presumed Jay to be. After all his Pokemon was gesturing Wyatt to go this way and also the footprints died off in this direction.

    Wyatt didn't notice the cove until he walked down a slope of sand, leading to a sad scene of Evie consoling to Jay, although he seemed to be suffering from slightly more grief and seemed to have taken something personally. Wyatt walked into the cave silently, unaware of what was going on but it seemed he had missed out of something. He decided to be considerate towards the mood of everyone else and remained silent although he couldn't help but flash Jay a sympathetic glance before walking by him and silently laying his bag down beside him. Leaning his back against the cove wall, Wyatt faced Jay and looked at the Starly perched on his shoulder with a helpless look.

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