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    If I was in charge I would have held off on the remakes of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald to Gen VI as well. The 3DS is a much better console hardware wise and it can do a lot more than the DS can. Also, I read on Serebii Forums that there is a possibility of a lack of compatibility between Gens III, IV, and V and Gen VI based on how the 3DS works. To solve this problem, I foresee the remakes of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald being set further ahead in time and having Kanto/Johto in it to allow all four previous generations of Pokemon being caught. This will be a true "remake" as opposed to a "reversion" like FR/LG and HG/SS were. This is because the game will have a different story to allow the three regions to work, yet the concepts of the original will be the same. Over leveling would be avoided by limiting the levels of each region by setting trainer levels lower and the Sevii Islands would be retained as post game events with a wider story. This is possible because the 3DS game cards can hold far more data than a DS game card. Finally, the issue of transport between the regions, Emerald illustrated that the regions had islands in common as they shared Eight and Nine Islands where Lugia/Ho-Oh and Deoxys could be caught respectively. The S.S, Anne could be used to transport people between regions. I know that I am going to receive criticism for this, but I feel it could work with the proper execution.
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