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    I highly doubt whatever is announced will come out all the way in September. I believe they will come before that. I'm certain Nintendo is really pushing Game Freak to get these out for the 3DS as soon as possible to boost the 3DS sales, ESPECIALLY in the west which makes me believe the gap between the Japanese/English release may be the smallest gap we've seen between Pokemon games. I mean, we are getting a simultaneous announcement and the 3DS is in dire need of a game like Pokemon to boost its sales in the west so I'm sure they'll want to push it out internationally as soon as possible.

    They never announce a game 9 months before release. The only time they revealed one 9 months+ before release was D/P which was because they had planned it for release in 2005, but it got delayed until 2006. Whenever they plan to release games in September, they reveal them in April/May - NOT all the way in January.