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>> AVA
>> The Broken Keg, Dalenham, Eveamoor

"So while I did kill the beast, I did it out of love; to put an end to his life quickly. I did not want his family to be left behind, but... I did not lady fortune to be disappointed either, so, wouldn't you know, I started to kill more and more of them. Out of love, of course," the dancer, Eveylnn answered her. Avangeline only beamed back at her, despite how ridiculous the answer sounded to everyone else.

"How kind of you," Avangeline patted Eveylnn's hand. "To show such mercy is rare in a mercanery. Isn't it odd though mercenary almost sounds like mercy?"

The bartender returned with the drinks that had been ordered, Avangeline accepting her mead with a 'thank-you'. Nem gave a small whine, obviously seeking some kind of compensation for his hard work. He had worked just as hard as she had, anyway.

"Can I please have something for Nem here also? Perhaps a lamb bone or if you have anything of the sort?"

"I'll see what we have," he replied rather sourly, which didn't kill Avangeline's mood at all.

Cass had finally joined them as well, smelling very strongly of a kind of alcohol (maybe several?). Avangeline very much enjoyed her little show and how funny it was to see Varian uncomfortable like that.

"The payment was seventy silver total. Ten silver for each of you. Job well done. And a good job staying alive," Varian handed out each individual bag to all of the mercenaries. Avangeline took a quick second to count her coins. 7... 8... 9... 10 silver pieces. This would keep her well fed for the next few weeks. Of course, Avangeline like the splurge, so she expected this to last two weeks, three max. First stop? Well, the markets did look nice but she really needed a new shoulder plate. And gloves. And boots. Dammit, she'd have to get her swords sharpened too. And then that really nice Miracyian bow that she saw before.

Dammit, she needed more money now! How long could that blacksmith hold the bow and arrow, she wondered.

"Thank-you," she said to Varian and his compliments. She didn't really need them though, it was only polite to accept them; She knew she was good. She would have asked for more but by the light 'shink!' of Alys', Bofvar's and Eveylnn's bags as it was handed to them, she knew that they had all received an equal amount.

The bartender returned with a measly looking bone that had all of the meat stripped off it. Avangeline happily accepted it and handed it to Nem, who immediately began to knaw on it.

"How much?"

"Free. It would be rubbish anyway," the bartender answered just as sourly as before.

"You are most kind," Avangeline gave the man a smile, handing him a couple of bronze pieces anyways. He didn't reject them, instead tucking them into his pocket and walking away.

"Well since Varian rejected me, who will allow me to cry on their shoulder for the evening?" Cass said rather loudly. Avangeline would have answered but was interrupted by the sudden disappearance of Xeye, who had scurried out of the bar, avoiding the jests of some of the patrons. Avangeline frowned as she did. It seemed rather childish of her, which added onto the jabs the patrons were saying about how she was a little girl. It didn't matter too much; Avangeline was sure Xeye would be back soon.

"... Anyway," Avangeline took a sip of her mead. A little sweet, but not the worst she had had. "So what now? Do we part ways? I have no plans for any of the months to come, do you?"
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