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    Uploaded final Alpha revision. It contains the following changes:
    *Your PC now contains 3 Sitrus Berries at the start of the game, which will make the initial battles a bit easier, especially for Charmander people (the main problem was that Charmander became screwed since I updated the attacks to Gen V standard, meaning that Bulbasaur and Squirtle now have 50 power Tackle, while Charmander is stuck with 40 power Scratch. This wasn't a problem in the Unova games because all the Unova starters had Tackle. But I'm basing my movesets closely on B2/W2, and I'm afraid Charmander will be stuck with Scratch).
    *Missing signpost on Route 22 added
    *Viridian Forest movement permissions edited to remove all tile-related glitches

    Check the first post for this final Alpha download.

    Beta 1 will have a bit more changes to Viridian Forest, as I just checked on my HeartGold version that it has flowers, which will be added for Beta 1.

    Originally Posted by metalflygon08 View Post
    One quip though, the battles at the start of the game, maybe have like 2 potions available? I severly struggled through them (save states to the rescue!) Charmander can't do squat to squirtle.
    I think 3 Sitrus Berries in today's update will be enough

    Also, Fire Fang's animation, maybe instead of ember, the flames from the end animation of Flame Wheel? (the spreading flame burst) Speaking of Flame Burst, wouldn't the fire from Dragon Rage work better than ember too (the large fire ball launched before the eruptions)
    The problem with that is that Dragon Rage and Flame Burst would have the exact same animation, and I don't want 2 moves having the exact same animation.

    Oh and a movement error!
    The last set of <->steps before you leave viridian forest, you can walk down off of them (it's the steps that lead to the last item)
    Fixed with today's update