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    This may not be entirely relevant, so in the spoiler tags it goes.
    Originally Posted by Luke View Post
    I wish Garbodor would of been introduced in Gen I so people would be using it to show how much better designs were back then than the "crappy" Gen V designs now.
    I thought they had Muk for that? Muk is a poorly designed Pokemon imho.

    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    Just a reminder that this thread is only for Unova Pokemon and not ones from other regions.

    As for me... Braviary seems p simple in design so it could've easily been a gen 1 Pokemon tbh and would've been a nice strong attacking option compared to Farfetch'd.
    I thought there was Fearow and Dodrio for that? o3o

    Purrloin and Liepard could have been an interesting replacement for Skitty/Delcatty! Both are cat types, but the Dark-type cats do have interesting designs and could have had cool movesets. I personally remember that the only thing going for Skitty was Assist.

    Blitzle and Zebstrika could have done well in Johto, specifically as a counterpart to the brightly-colored Girafarig. But it might have made more sense if it was Dark/Electric to Girafarig's Psychic/Normal? I dunno.

    Dwebble and Crustle may have made interesting replacements/counterparts to Krabby/its evolution.

    Deerling/Sawsbuck would have been beasts in DPPT with a few changes. If there transformations were changed from season to area, like Spring in Floaroma and routes around in, Summer in most routes (?), Fall in Solaceon (because of the calmer area?), and most importantly, Winter in the snowy routes and city. I feel it could've added as much oomph to the addition of snowy areas in Sinnoh as it added oomph to the addition of Sinnoh in BW. :0

    Ferroseed/Ferrothorn would look real nice next to Pineco/Forretress in a dex.

    The Litwitch line would have been a perfect addition to the lacking amount of Ghost-types in Kanto/Johto.

    I'm done for now, haha. Too tired for more.

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