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Originally Posted by JNathan View Post
Here i come again with 3 new screenshots.
1-The font is temporary.
2-The Ash screenshot isn't for me.

I'm going to be quite honest with you, sorry if I offend you in the process of this. The game, quite frankly just looks horrible judging by the new screenshots, there is a clash in style with the overworlds, gen III characters with gen IV tiles. The message box looks pretty horrible, looks like a bad mix of the old generation window skin, and the latest generation. The mapping is quite bad also, I'd suggest first practicing mapping on a 15X15 canvas to get use to having boarders, paths that flow evenly between the available root on the map, and diversions caused by trees, rocks, building and what ever else you can find tile wise. This is just mainly to get you use to filling the maps to add a bit more interest to the player, as right now you've only got a rather open square that's just filled with a few random buildings and a dirt path that is huge. Again, sorry if this post seems rather offensive, but it's the only way to learn what is being done wrong.

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My balls seem to be fine.