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    Emily - Inside Lucy's Stomach

    Where'd I end up now? It's dark in here. I don't like the dar— poke. Emily retaliated with the reflexes of a dead Meowth, and jabbed at the walls surrounding her. Hearing someone's voice, she realized she was inside someone. Well, this has never happened before. Now how am I supposed to get out? Teleport would probably drop me in someone else's gut.

    Wish granted!

    Lucy started disappearing, to some degree. It was more like she was a television, and her reception was cutting out. It was hard to tell whether she realized what was happening to her judging by her expression. Then the channel seemed to flip on her, completely replaced by FOOTBALL ON THE SPANISH CHANNEL! a fully-intact Emily. She was holding Amethyst's hand just like Lucy was, too!

    Is this a handshake? she asked herself, shortly before happily shaking Amy's poor little hand in greeting. She continued her introductory assault with rapid, almost incomprehensible speech.

    "Hi there! I'm Emily but everybody calls me Em, or 'that crazy girl', or 'that thing that shouldn't exist', but I don't let those last two bother me; I like Em, too; it's short, sweet and to the point, so I like when people use it. What's your name? You're adorable, so I bet you have a really pretty name. Should I stop talking so you can tell me? I'll shut up now," and she did. She didn't even seem to notice her rather gravid looking stomach—Just like the one Lucy had had...

    Lucy did, though. It was hard for her not to—You see, for once she was the one that had been eaten! Or... wound up inside someone. Frankly, she had no idea what in the world had just happened, but the fact of the matter was that role reversal was /not/ her thing!! She attempted to stretch her leg, but found this impossible. Then she attempted to stretch an arm! This also proved futile. At this point, she was well aware of where she was, and promptly pushed hard against the front of Emily's stomach as if searching for a giant mouth. None was to be found.

    This... this /sucked/. She soon found herself confronted with the question of whether she should try to fight, only to consider that if this was /her/ stomach, that would never work. So... why would it work on this... stranger's? She heard a voice—A female's voice was speaking to someone, but she had trouble hearing the responses. Emily's voice was rather clear in comparison though, perhaps because it originated from within her.

    ...Was she going to /die/?

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