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Birdie and Fara O'Shay // Cherrygrove City / Route 30
Almost instinctly Fara took the lead despite her previous words to Birdie. He was more than happy to let the girl lead the way, his eyes stuck to the newly caught Pokémon encased in its PokéBall in his hands. She threw a quick glance over her shoulder in order to make sure he kept up with her fast pace only to notice the he wasn't paying attention to her. A deflated Fara stopped for a moment before she regained herself and hurried to the Pokémon Center. It took Birdie several more moments to notice he had lost his companion and hastily shoved the ball into his pocket, scurrying after Fara.

"S-sorry," he stuttered as they reached the Centre. "Sorry... I was distracted."

"What? No, no it's my fault! I'm just a fast walker!" She whirled around to face her acquantince. "You should get Hoothoot healed, I'll be on the bench."

"Sure," Birdie didn't waste any time making his way to the nurse, handing over two PokéBalls this time. It wouldn't take too much longer, he hoped. He gave a hopeful to Fara, hoping he wasn't taking up too much of her time like this.

As she approached the bench she took one last look at Birdie who seemed a bit too happy when he handed over his Pokéballs to the nurse. An uninterested Bandino began his daily burdance with his movements in her tired arms. Fara bent over to wipe off the place where she would sit when her partner leapt from her arms and snuggled himself into a ball there. A tirade of strong words were on the tip of tongue eager to make themselves be heard. She made herself comfortable, which meant she crossed her legs, right over left, as she sat next to her sleepy Pokémon instead then gave him a pat on the head. A few moments later, Birdie returned to Fara's side, his two PokéBalls in his hand with a goofy smile on his face.

"Done," Birdie let Todo out of his PokéBall and pushed Kimi's into his pocket. The Zubat flapped his wings a few times to stretch then landed on his trainer's shoulder. "Did you need anything else?"

"No, we can go!" Fara stood up as Birdie came to a stop in front of her. She plucked up Bandino who became quite upset at the fact that his nap was interrupted. "You want to lead the way or should I?"

"Um..." Birdie bit his lip. "Let's just go together, I guess."

* * *

Mr. Pokémon's House was just as Sophie remembered it except that... well, it wasn't 2D sprites. Birdie was all too happy to see the house; he was sick of carefully picking off the four or five Caterpies and Weedles he had encountered in the grass that he and Fara had passed through. So far the plan was working perflectly for Fara as she had yet to battle a single Pokémon Battle with Birdie around. Amell didn't really remember the second generation so all the details of Mr. Pokémon's house was more vivid through Fara's eyes or were they his own or perhaps it was both. She gently knocked on the wooden door that was in front of them and waited beside Birdie for it to be answered. It took a few seconds for the door to swing violently open and a strange man to be smiling stupidly on the other side.

"H-hello," Birdie said, feeling quite nervous and out of place. "Are y-you Mr. Pokémon?"

"Indeed, hello!!" the man boomed loudly. It didn't take a genius to work out this guy was a little bit weird. "I am Mr. Pokémon! I have been expecting you!"

"You have?"

Fara and Birdie were practically forced inside by Mr. Pokémon who yammered on for a few minutes about the importance of a Pokémon Egg. He was speaking so fast, it was hard for Birdie to actually understand what he was saying. Before he knew it, he was accepting a quest to take it to the mayor of Cherrygrove and an egg was being thrusted into his chest. Then, the strange man turned to Fara. With an explanation told as fast if not faster than Mr. Pokemon's speech Fara told the man about her quest from the mayor. She too was shoved an egg and it shocked her how much strength the older man had. When he turned around to look through papers that were scattered along his desk Fara noticed a Pokedex on a nearby leather chair. If she was careful enough neither Birdie nor Mr. Pokémon would notice he swipe it. Fara feigned soreness in her legs and sat in the same chair where the Pokedex was located at with the egg in hand. With then egg placed in her lap and as slowly as she could she slipped the Pokedex into her black pursue.

"Well, thanks for your time! We better get back to Cherrygove before these things hatch," Fara voiced nervously while she kept her eyes on the egg that rested in her shaky hands.

In a strange turn of events all Pokemon avoided both Birdie and Fara. It definitely helped that they took shortcuts which avoided parts of the grass altogether. Bandino was obviously quite upset at the fact that he was made to walk beside Fara since his previous spot was now occupied by the egg. They both walked in sync wihile they chatted about the small stuff but nothing about their lives in reality. How could have their real life brought up without it being extremely awkward for both parties involved? Fara took the lead once they hit Cherrygove City to the mayor's house.

"Hellooooo?" With eggs in both of their hands neither of them could knock on the door. To prove his worthiness Bandino walked up to the door and gave it a weaker than normal double kick with his hind legs. After a few moments the door swung open to reveal an elderly lady that had given Fara the quest in the first place. The mayor's smile brighten up at the sight of the egg in each of their hands yet was puzzled at the sight of Birdie.

"Please, please come on in, why don't you?" The mayor stepped back a coupled of steps and waved the couple in. She guided them to a nearby couch where they sat as she scurried off into a nearby den.

Fara liked the pink outfit that she had on but she would much prefer a darker shade. Once she sat down Bandino simultaneously leapt into her lap. When she came back to the area where she left the two players she now carried two glass containers. The mayor came by to each of them and took their eggs from them and carefully placed them inside the glass containers. In Fara's case she exchanged the egg for an electronic contraption, which was one of the things Amell loved from the second generation, the Pokégear.

"We better be off," Fara shook hands with the mayor as she stood up to leave.

"S-sure," Birdie, though a little confused, followed suite and left with Fara. So now, they (well, he specifically) had to go back to Mr. Pokémon so that he could fetch his PokéDex or whatever the man had said. These quests felt like a whole lot of going back and forth but hopefully it would all be worth it in the end. With a quick heal at the Pokémon Centre, they both set off again.

* * *

This time to Mr. Pokémon's, Birdie led the way. He encountered more Pokémon than last time (a Ledyba and a Spinarak thrown in amongst the abundance of Caterpie and Weedle) but they seemed to go down easier. Perhaps those small amounts of weak Pokémon they both had encountered before had toughened up his own. All caught up in the moment, Birdie didn't even realise that Fara had not fought a single wild Pokémon along the way.

Birdie knocked on the door this time, and Mr. Pokémon was as energetic as last time. He spoke even faster after hearing that Birdie had completed the quest successfuly and before he knew it, Mr. Pokémon thrust a strange device into Birdie's hands. It was red in colour and with a press of the blue button on top, the handheld snapped open, revealing screens which said all kinds of data. He thanked the man and put his PokéDex into his pocket; he would get excited about it later.

"Thank-you so much for your time and efforts!" was all Birdie could make out in the end.

"No problem. And thank-you."

With the quest completed, Birdie saw no other reason to stay and left the house, Fara and Bandino close behind.

"Thank-you, Fara," Birdie said with a genuine smile on his face. "I don't think I could have done it without you."

"Of course you couldn't!" Fara teased, even though she wouldn't admit outright her plan wouldn't have succeeded without Birdie.

"Did you..." he felt himself go red. "Are you going to Violet City?"

"Route 31, actually," she raised an eyebrow at the shade his face turned. "You?"

"I'm not sure," he shook his head, his eyes had returned to his feet. "Would it be alright if I could c-come with you? Until I know where I'm going, that is..." In her life, Sophie had never gone out of her way to ask much of anyone. She did not feel embarrased, but anxious of what someone like Fara would say. She seemed nice enough, but had Birdie been annoying or felt like a third wheel during their small walk together? Of course, then the previously mentioned embarrasment set in when Birdie remembered that he was a boy and Fara was a girl. Did it sound like he was asking her out? Because that wasn't it at all!

"Let's go to Route 31 then, I hope you're not afraid of the dark!" Fara felt it was best not to dwell on how Birdie presented his question. Beside that she felt a bit safer with him around as she wouldn't be in a scary cave all by herself. Amell had always avoided the cave when he played the games he wasn't fond of caves even in a 2D way.

"Th-thank-you," he said, his heart returning to normal speed and his spirits lifting. With Fara by his side, even if he wasn't afraid of the dark, maybe all of Monster Art Online wouldn't seem so scary. "Let's go."
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