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I'm glad I found a game for my 3DS besides the upcoming Fire Emblem 13

I figured it wouldn't be long before Pokémon took the step to a 3Dish world, even the DS games tried to implement some pseudo3D graphics. They probably tried it out and decided it wouldn't look too bad to go full 3D. I'm glad they did, because so far the games look to be quite amazing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like the zoom on the overworld has gotten smaller. It certainly does allow for more detail and really makes the world more alive. If the size of trees extends outside the screen, that means they can implement flowers growing at the base of the tree. (at least, that's what I thought I saw). Maybe it's just a limited area, but it certainly looks appealing to me. <3

To posters above: Let's just hope that final game will have fixed those issues.

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