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    I wouldn't think soo, considered the cutesy graphic they had and with much cut prices 3DS had lately.....

    Originally Posted by Went View Post
    At this point, it's like complaining because there aren't enough PS2 games being released- instead everything is for the PS3! DS is outdated and BW2 were their swan song. Don't expect much else to be ever realeased for the DS anymore- certainly not Nintendo AAA's. All consoles die, and there has been enough "transition time" since the 3DS was released- it's time to move on and not let the huge DS limitations to force the programmers to make worse games than they could. Otherwise, we might as well still be playing our NESes.
    I agreed too. DS is already dying. There is no point prolong their life, let them rest and Baton Pass it to 3DS.

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