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    I find this disappointing. The 3DS has been a major turn off. I have tried the 3DS and do not like playing with the 3D turned on as after a very short time it causes me to have a headache. I have been avoiding the 3DS, and the only reason I will likely buy it will be because I want to continue playing my favorite franchise.

    I also think that many parents of younger kids that play Pokemon games likely have not bought their children 3DS's because of the safety warnings about the 3D being bad for the eyesight of anyone under 7... As a parent myself I wouldn't buy the system for ANY child because of that (Yes I know there is parental controls for that, but every kid finds a way to work around parental controls eventually).

    I have felt all along that the 3D effect in a handheld is more of a novelty than anything that adds any actual game play functionality. If a game publishers wants to impress me, I want good solid game play, a good solid story, fun challenges to overcome. The Pokemon franchise has continued to keep me interested in gaming since Red/Blue, and keeps getting better with time. There is only one 3DS title I have seen that I had any interest in prior to this announcement, so in the long run I'll be purchasing the system just for a very few games (The other game is in the Proffessor Layton series, which I don't see justification for making that a 3DS title... and it was a launch title in Japan).
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