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Having watched the reveal quite a few times, I'm slightly getting used to the graphics, but...even still I'm really disappointed. Personally, they look horrible. It may be a massive step forward (which is great!), and I know there are still 10 months before its release (so a ton of things can be fixed, edited etc), and perhaps I just need to get used to such a dramatic change, but as of the moment, from what I've seen, the developers of Pokemon are leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.

The OW graphics are...well quite ugly, to put it simply. They're jagged and uneven, and the world doesn't look as natural as it does in previous games. I think the detail of the graphics themselves has been swept aside and disregarded by the hype of having Pokemon move to 3D. In regards to the battling mechanics (graphic wise), I'm quite intrigued. I just hope to god that moves don't take ages to be executed.

Having said that however, we've only been given a few minutes preview, so...there's not really much substance in which we can form an opinion on of the whole game. I'm always open to new things, and well, it was inevitable that Pokemon would some day reach 3D; but the massive change is what I think I'll have to get used to over time. (I've got 10 months anyway paha.)
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