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Originally Posted by Drakow View Post
Yes but October is almost a year away and like I mentioned earlier, they are likely to reduce the price of a 3DS console by that time, which I think will make it affordable to most people. As for people who do not want to buy a 3DS console, well then fair enough but things are moving forward and Pokemon -like all other Nintendo games will eventually be made exclusively for the 3DS and there's really no stopping that. Besides if you look back, it used to be that each Pokemon game released would be for a new hand held console and that didn't stop people from playing them. The DS has had three different sets of Pokemon games for it, which has given people even more time to acquire a 3DS in preparation for X and Y.
Yeh, that is certainly true.
I think they will do just fine and there are over 10 months till the release date, so anything could happen then; a Pokemon X and Y 3DS to celebrate the release even.

I think Pokemon isn't going to die at all, but some people will be reluctant, of course.
Originally Posted by shengar View Post
Well, counting with inflation and other economics factor, by October, aren't 3DS price would be at the same range as DS when Gen IV first released?
I thought wouldn't be much of the problem actually. Its just people hesitation to buy new handheld that matter the most.
I think the price will have dropped a bit by then, anyway. So maybe it just seems like a lot now, to people who are only interested in the Pokemon game. There are still 10 months for exciting games to be released.
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