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Agreeing so much with Drakow, as well as others who firmly believe that people have been kind of given more than enough time to purchase a 3DS.

And honestly, in my opinion? Most people should've saw this coming! Pokemon games aren't going to be released on the DS system forever, and even I was skeptical about getting a 3DS myself, when instead I just got it and figured that a Pokemon game was going to be released for it eventually, and look what we have here!

Just saying that no one should really be surprised here. You still have a good 8 or 9 months to save up if you want to get it at launch, so that's even more additional time to get a new system.

I apologize if this post might seem a bit blunt, but I just heavily dislike wasted opportunities, as I just believe that's something no one should really go through. Sure, there might be a few people here and there that can't really spare $150, but even then, there are some used ones(and even this one I found right here on Amazon. There's also one here on ebay for cheap, also) that sell for significantly lower than that.

It's a fair shame that it might catch some people off guard, and thus they might have the purchase the 3DS console(and let's be fair, it's not that bad of a system from my experience), but I feel that it'll be worth it in the long run.
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