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    Do you think Pokemon X and Y will introduce new evolutions and pre-evolutions of Pokemon from older generations? I have several theories. In the 5th gen, Throh and Sawk are related like Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. The new games may introduce a pre-evo to both along with a balanced new evo that is more balanced, like Tyrouge and Hitmontop. Also, what if the three monkeys have a common pre-evo? Even from generations past. Plusle and Minun would seem like they would have a common pre-evo as would Volbeat and Illumise. Then there are new evolutions. Electabuzz and Magmar got new evos in Generation IV but Jynx and Mr. Mime did not. There are even tons of Pokemon in the last five generations which were either awesome alone and need an evolution to make them awesome or horrible Pokemon which could have an awesome evolution. What are your opinions?
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