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I'm still wondering why Y doesn't have the Y letter inside of its pupils too...
I still need to see them better (waiting for artworks) and then I'll decide which one I like the most. At this time given, I must admit that I like both of them - this has never happened to me before! Dilemma!

Originally Posted by Forever View Post
I love the pink flying thing a lot. Not a fan of the mix of Arceus/Virizion but the pink flying thing better be for X and they better do opposites like in B/W PLEASE. I really like the flying thing it's so badass srsly.
As far as I know, I've neer been colorblind (might I be becoming now?) but it looks red to me (despite the light in the center of its body, which makes it look pink).

Originally Posted by Bluerang1 View Post
They're both great but preferring the Elk right now. It's so majestic. Also imagine these in the 2D sprites, yuck.
Too late for the 2D sprites. Let's say hello to the 3D era!

Allez, hop!
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