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    I sure hope Fennekin won't become a fighting type... lol

    I am a little tired of Fire/Fighting starters. XD Cyndaquil is my favorite Fire starter so far...

    I like Fennekin's design best of the three but I won't make my call as to who I like best overall until we get evolutions and the secondary types (if any), and stats, movesets, etc. I didn't like Oshawott that much at first but now it's my favorite starter in 5th gen, after I learned its moveset and stats and stuff.

    I'm really happy they revealed all the names together, for the different languages. I feel like they might do that for future Pokemon reveals too... I think that'd be pretty awesome anyway. Because they probably have them all decided... They have to at about the same time anyway because it's gonna be released at the same time.
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