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    I'm sure that MANY people will buy a Nintendo 3DS only because of Pokemon X and Y. I know people who bought a console only because of one game and then they ended up discovering new games which they would have never imagined they would have liked.

    And I still don't understand why people will not be able to afford a 3DS. It costs (more or less) the same than a Nintendo DS Lite or a DSi when they came out -.-

    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    I've had my 3DS for a while, so I'm not worried. XD Though it'll suck that I can't import this time, since the 3DS is region locked. Boo! First time since HGSS that I won't be able to. That's okay though, it does get a bit annoying playing in a language you can't read.
    Why? I mean they're coming worldwide.

    Allez, hop!
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