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    Alright, I, for one, am angry as heck. First of all, they literally JUST released the sequels for the gen V games. So they don't even want to give them some time to develop? SOME? And they don't even want to make Gen 3 remakes? EVERYONE wants Gen 3 remakes. Most everyone. And for the 3DS? Do they just want to make more money? I can't afford a 3DS and I'm not planning to afford a 3DS anytime soon, let alone buy it. Although it IS true that the gen V PMD games are for the 3DS too, but... What the hell? Can't they just pick a system and develop it? They were on a good path with the DS, I don't know what the hell happened all of the sudden.

    Although I admit the graphics are really top-notch (what less would you expect on a freaking 3DS), they can't really call it fully developed 3D models unless they're from all angles like in, for instance, Poképark. Also, nothing of it looks like a Pokémon game. Just from the few screenshots I've seen.

    The starters... ugh. Chespin looks like someone bathed a Pachirisu in a Sudowoodo that just came out of a blender. Fennekin is an anorexic Eevee with overgrown ear-hair. Froakie... I'm not even going to go there. This thing looks pretty badass though:

    It's a Sawsbuckviriziosuicunethingamajig, but it looks damn epic.

    In your own Steven-y way.