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    This is the only thing that really concerns me about these games. As a general rule, outside of the most carefully tailored and polished first person games, 3D graphics have been distractingly cheesy, and this is ESPECIALLY the case with past 3D Pokemon graphics. I've never understood the desire among fans for 3D graphics, since the 3D versions of Pokemon have always, absolutely without exception, looked worse than the sprites. At least the sprites, if one can only fill in that third dimension in the mind's eye (which has become easier with each generation, with the improvements in 2D graphics) have actually looked pretty much like Pokemon. The 3D ones never have. Not even close. They've never looked even vaguely like 3D renderings of Pokemon - they've always looked like exactly what they were - 3D meshes.

    At least with the sprites, I could get drawn in and start watching the action and forget, if only for a while, that it was only a visual representation in a game. With the previous 3D meshes (and the upcoming ones, if the screenshots are anything to go by), I simply can't do that, since they're so obviously NOT Pokemon - they're meshes and they're always meshes and they never stop being meshes. They don't look 3D - they just look fake.

    I guess we'll see though, hmm?
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